MISCFC Picture 1 - Andy & Iman

GoodTrust Attends The Mid-Atlantic States Cemetery & Funeral Conference

Nov-11 2021

By Iman M’Fah-Traoré & Andy Lopez

The Mid-Atlantic Funeral and Cremation Conference happens annually and this year it took place in Atlantic City, NJ. Attracting various exhibitors and attendees within the death-care industry, the conference takes place over three days, the second day being the biggest with multiple presentations and time to meet and interact with exhibitors. It's a gathering that unites people who serve the death-care industry from all fields - from marketing to consulting, organizations to funeral homes. And GoodTrust appreciated the opportunity to be there too.

Interesting presentations about centering your business culture around customer experience, leading through crisis, the value of online marketing, and more, along with engaging meet and greet events like attendee and exhibitor mixed lunch, wine tastings, to name a few make for an interactive and inviting experience.

GoodTrust demonstrated our product to fellow exhibitors and intrigued attendees by discussing what we do, including securing your digital assets and creating important estate planning documents such as your will. We conducted live demos, engaged in conversations, and got to meet all types of death-care professionals such as funeral home directors.

GoodTrust is committed to educating the field on our product as well as learning from others about how to improve to better fit the needs of your family and loved ones. By attending and actively listening to keynote speakers, we deepened our knowledge on being customer-experience oriented, expanded our understanding of digital marketing, and more.

Thank you to MASCFC and its sponsors for the opportunity to attend and meet fellow professionals from the industry that carries families through afterlife care. We are glad to have been a part of this conference and to have gotten the chance to share how we bridge the gap between the logistical and the emotional is afterlife planning as well as provide tools for you to take control of your digital assets and secure your future end-of-life planning now. Get started today on your own journey with us.