GoodTrust Appears In The INNOVATORS Inaugural Video

Mar-23 2022

The INNOVATORS, one years after building a virtual & visual innovation eco-system for important stakeholders like industry leaders, startup disruptors, and venture capitalists, debuted INNOVATORSverse on its first birthday and featured GoodTrust's Singing Portrait tool in the opening.

INNOVATORSverse aims to build up a vibrant community of innovators in a first of its kind of video platform and series of creative video campaigns to bring emerging technology products from the innovation circle to the mass population. INNOVATORSverse is a movement for innovation to shape our daily lives and for innovators to work creatively to drive our society towards transformation.

Starring in this inaugural video are innovators such as, the first open search engine that summaries the web challenging Google; BrainTap, neuroscience backed brain fitness company turning brainwaves into a symphony; GoodTrust, a secure platform to protect and organize your digital life and legacy that includes estate-planning tools; Vouch, business insurance for startups; BlueJay Mobile Health - Remote patient engagement solution, etc.

The founder of The INNOVATORS, Lin Yang, is an Asian female entrepreneur with uniquely combined background in TV+VC+higher education. She owes the fruit of The INNOVATORS to more than one year of working from home and easy video communication with no location limits during COVID. She reflects on her entrepreneurship journey of dreaming with bold ideas, but validating carefully step by step.

Visit Lin's site for more on The INNOVATORS journey.