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Former Ancestry CEO: Women Are Preservers Of Memories

Mar-10 2021

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GoodTrust has released a new interview conducted by influencer, filmmaker and GoodTrust advisor Taryn Southern with former Ancestry.com CEO Margo Georgiadis (also a GoodTrust investor). The two women discuss a multitude of interesting topics as part of Women's History Month from digital legacy to estate planning to women's role in leadership in the tech industry and writ large.

"I saw firsthand the power of democratizing that access to your personal discovery and offering a platform that enables everyone to preserve and share their family story," says Georgiadis.

Georgiadis also reflected on the past year and how it's highlighted even further the need to take care of your own digital legacy - or someone else's.

"With Covid people suddenly faced death rates among their loved ones they had never expected and then realized, wait, how do I get access to their address book, to their different accounts?" says Georgiadis. "How do I let people know this has happened to them? How would I actually do a post of remembrance, a last goodbye to all those connections? So many people have built relationships through different (online) platforms ... an ability to be able to take action is really material."

The complete interview premiered as part of a Women In Tech event on March 10.

"It's so important that we encourage women to go into these careers, both STEM and technology roles, so we ensure that the solutions being developed meet the needs," says Georgiadis.

New GoodTrust survey tells a compelling story

A new GoodTrust Women's History Month survey reveals that a majority of women in the U.S. are often the primary caregiver when it comes to estate planning like wills and medical directives and managing family history including the preservation of digital assets.

It's clear from the survey that women play an important and primary role, but also that women have a greater opportunity to protect their own digital assets and memories. You can find all the new insights from the survey here on this link.

"I do think there's been a lot of research that shows that men tend to think about their wealth and that what they pass on is the financial legacy," says Georgiadis. "And I think that's partly true. But in the GoodTrust survey, I think we're seeing that women more than men really think about in that planning for the death of a loved one. What are the stories? What are the memories?"

Empowering women everywhere

For now, ask yourself: do you know what will happen to all your digital “stuff” when you die (including priceless photos, videos, emails, texts, accounts, social media, etc.)? No? You are not alone! According to our survey, some 65% of women have no idea what will happen to their digital accounts when they die.

We want to ensure the tools are available to make it all possible whether it's about preserving content or deleting it or creating a will or sharing information about an important account. Thus in honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, GoodTrust is providing one year of free Premium Plan for women anywhere in the world to empower their critical efforts to help manage estate planning and digital legacy.

When signing up for GoodTrust, select the Premium Plan and then simply use the code IWD2021 at checkout. You can also use the Free Plan first and upgrade later in the month of March.

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