Daughter Receiving GoodTrust Last Goodbye Message


Don’t Let Your Last Goodbye Be Silence

Jan-15 2021

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Introducing "Last Goodbye" Messages on GoodTrust

Today we want to update you on a new feature called Last Goodbyes. Admittedly, this is a difficult subject for any of us to imagine: what would we like to share or say to our loved ones or even a broader network of friends and family after we’re gone? But as challenging as it might be to take this step and create a Last Goodbye it can be heartening to envision the beautiful experience it can offer those left behind. 

We’ve now launched three options to create those Last Goodbyes: 

  1. First through an email message that you control in terms of the recipient and the date it’s sent (e.g. upon your passing or perhaps on a particular anniversary or birthday following your passing). You can include an attachment to enhance the message like a photo or video of a particular memory and the message can be as detailed as you wish. It is private to you

  2. The second option is to create a last social post on the platform of your choice. You can also take action with how the profile itself should be managed after your passing (e.g. memorialized, data extraction, deleted, etc.). 

  3. A third choice is to record a short video - roughly five minutes - that can be shared at your preferred moment after your passing. This is also private.

All of these Last Goodbye options are in an early product phase and we’d love to hear any feedback. We do believe it’s a tremendous example of how the stories of life can be shared even in death and provide comfort, peace and even joy to those left behind. For example, a father might want to create a birthday message for his daughter to be shared on that date the year after passing away. Or a spouse might want to write a note that contains encouragement to a family left behind. Whatever you prefer, the choice is up to you and private to your profile. It’s easy to set up and control and a brief investment in time can mean the world to those who remain. 

As you set up your Last Goodbyes we also encourage you to set up at least one Trusted Contact (e.g. friend or family member) who can act on your behalf and it’s as simple as inviting them through the Trusted Contact link. They will receive a notification that you’ve added them to your profile and it can be a profound gesture to designate someone to that role.  You might also suggest the idea of Last Goodbyes to your Deputies as a way for them to get more involved with GoodTrust. 

Without a Last Goodbye your loved ones may be left with only silence. While no one wants to think of the inevitable, imagine it like a time capsule you can create now and hold in your heart with a priceless peace of mind. 

Protecting your memories and digital assets remains our mission and we want to ensure that the entire process feels supportive, engaging and frictionless. We’re working on a variety of new solutions and offerings to help you navigate the concept of a digital afterlife and we always want to hear from you on how we can refine the entire experience.

Rikard Steiber, GoodTrust founder and CEO