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New Book! Digital Legacy: Take Control of Your Digital Afterlife

Nov-20 2020

Do you know what will happen to your digital “stuff” when you die?

No? Rest assured, you are not alone. This increasingly important but relatively unknown subject involves what happens to all of your accounts, social media, emails, photos, and documents and how you will be remembered in your online afterlife. This book will let you take control of your online afterlife and ensure that your important digital assets are treated according to your wishes. Given that the average person spends close to seven hours per day online it’s a must-read for everyone.

Book is available here:

Death: of course it’s not an easy subject for any of us. Indeed, there are few subjects more difficult to discuss or imagine than death. It’s like we’d rather talk about anything else than the one universal experience we all share. But it’s now one that also needs to be addressed in the digital age.

Digital Legacy: Take Control Of Your Online Afterlife provides both the context of how we got here but also the right guidance to move forward with your planning today. Authored by two tech executives (also former Googlers) and founders of the digital-legacy platform GoodTrust -- Daniel Sieberg and Rikard Steiber, CEO and founder of GoodTrust -- the book outlines the pitfalls, challenges and opportunities that are important for all of us to tackle.

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