Darling & Fischer


Darling & Fischer and GoodTrust to offer clients innovative solutions

Mar-23 2022

Darling and Fischer, a Carriage Services best-in-class funeral and cemetery leader in California, will include GoodTrust at-need digital services for their client families.

Darling and Fischer will offer GoodTrust’s services to manage Facebook and online accounts to help grieving families with digital end-of-life for lost loved ones. 

There is an increasing need to protect families’ digital legacy as a staggering 30M deceased are still live on Facebook, sending friends awkward birthday reminders.

GoodTrust and Darling and Fischer are excited to announce a new partnership that provides at-need families the GoodTrust services to securely close or memorialize the digital accounts of their loved ones. 

Darling & Fischer and GoodTrust will together tackle the growing problem that families have managing the digital accounts of their loved ones after they pass. Today, there are an estimated 30 million deceased on Facebook who send their friends awkward birthday reminders every year. This is a massive problem with most people having multiple accounts such as email, financial accounts, social media, online photos, and paid subscriptions. 

“Darling & Fischer is an innovative company that uses technology to deliver excellence, and together we will protect the digital legacy of their client families,” said Rikard Steiber, CEO and founder of GoodTrust, the leading digital legacy and end-of-life planning platform. “This partnership with Darling & Fischer represents a significant step to deliver new and creative solutions never available before in the deathcare industry.”

Darling & Fischer will provide at-need families the GoodTrust Digital Executor service to manage 5 or more accounts (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, etc.) with a personal expert consultation starting at $299. GoodTrust also makes it possible for anyone to secure their online life with a Digital Vault and create their will-based estate planning documents in less than 15 minutes.

“We are excited to be partnering with GoodTrust and offer all of our at-need families the opportunity to secure their loved one’s digital legacy forever and give them peace of mind,” said Nicholas J. Welzenbach, Managing Partner at Darling & Fischer.

Darling & Fischer will begin offering the GoodTrust services in April 2022.