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Bridging the Gap: How GoodTrust and Beam's Partnership is Making Estate Planning Accessible to the Workforce

Apr-08 2024
  • 72% of employees reported being interested in estate planning but only 13% of employers offer it

  • 85% of workers feel that their benefits package failed to support them in meeting current and future financial obligations

  • 89% of millennials  (largest workforce demographic) would choose better benefits over a pay raise.

In today’s shifting workforce environment, it's important  for employers to distinguish themselves to attract and retain the best talent. This necessity becomes even more apparent as we observe the evolving expectations and needs of employees regarding their benefits.  Historically, employee benefits centered around healthcare and life insurance and while that’s still true, financial wellness benefits are gaining popularity and traction in the workplace. Estate planning is an essential component to overall financial wellbeing, making it a natural addition to any benefits package. GoodTrust and Beam recognized this opportunity and are joining forces to bring estate planning to tens of thousands of employees. 

"Partnering with Beam Benefits to offer estate planning as an employee benefit is a significant step," said Rikard Steiber, Founder and CEO of GoodTrust. "I believe that everyone deserves an estate plan, and together we’re adding a new dimension of financial wellness to the workplace."

GoodTrust enhances Beam Benefits with a secure service that protects families, assets, and digital presence by empowering employees with essential estate planning tools. This collaboration enriches Beam's offerings with an added focus on personal and family security, fully aligning with Beam's commitment to comprehensive employee well-being.

“We recently partnered with GoodTrust (GT) to provide estate planning and digital vault services as a new member benefit to accompany our life insurance offering”, said Sue Reinhard, Senior Insurance Product Manager at Beam Benefits, “We are excited about the value these services will bring to our members in support of their financial wellness”. 

This partnership may significantly elevate Beam Benefits' position in the marketplace by enriching their financial wellness offerings with GoodTrust’s estate planning tools. This addition not only expands their service range but also fills a crucial gap in the market, meeting an often-neglected need. As a result, Beam Benefits positions itself as a forward-thinking leader, focused on offering innovative solutions that resonate with the real-life challenges and needs of employees.

About GoodTrust:

GoodTrust is democratizing estate planning with a modern solution that makes securing digital and physical legacies easy and accessible to everyone. With tools for wills, trusts, and various directives, it ensures that individuals can easily protect their family, assets and digital footprint, ensuring their legacies endure for generations. This approach not only simplifies estate planning but also brings peace of mind, making it possible for anyone to protect their family and assets effectively.

About Beam Benefits: 

Beam Benefits is a digitally-native employee benefits company that offers dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental health coverage for employers of all sizes. The company simplifies and modernizes the $100+ billion ancillary benefits industry through its intuitive online platform, self-service tools, AI-powered underwriting, and thoughtful coverage for improved overall wellness. Its Beam Perks™ program offers incentives to members and rewards them for healthy behaviors. Beam has raised over $200 million in funding and is available in 46 states across the U.S. Learn more at

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