AARP: Think About Your Digital Assets Before You Die

Feb-02 2021

Don't leave loved ones scrambling later. Thinking about this now for yourself or an aging family member will help survivors properly notify and close down accounts posthumously.

That's an excerpt from a new article in AARP Bulletin about GoodTrust and the value of planning ahead with your digital legacy. And if you're a member of AARP we'd like to tell you about a new offer to help you get started today.

If you sign up (free) anytime during the month of February we'll send you a code to receive the free ebook - Digital Legacy: Take Control of Your Online Afterlife by Daniel Sieberg and Rikard Steiber (co-founder and CEO/founder of GoodTrust respectively). The book will provide you all the practical guidance you need to both evaluate your own digital legacy but also to ensure others are taken care of as well. You can learn more about what's in it at

And if you sign up for a GoodTrust Premium account during the month of February using the promo code AARP then we'll provide you with the ebook plus grant you a free one-year membership (valued together at $79). You can cancel anytime, but ideally we imagine a lifetime membership that grows alongside your digital legacy.

GoodTrust Premium expands the number of sites and documents (including photos) that you can preserve or entrust to someone else, allows you to generate a will and medical directives, and to create an unlimited number of Last Goodbyes to loved ones through an email, social post or recorded video (which you can quickly and easily create on the GoodTrust platform). You can also contact us anytime to get advice from one of our experts.

More from the AARP article:

"That first phone call to your lawyer will probably be more expensive than our service,” Steiber of GoodTrust says. While some password manager apps offer a digital beneficiary service, he considers his company's ability to curate a list of digital assets instead of giving family members passwords to all your online accounts an advantage.

At GoodTrust, our mission is to preserve anyone's digital legacy. And in aggregate those priceless digital assets represent someone's human story and memories; don't lose the opportunity to ensure peace of mind now for you or help take care of someone else.

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