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4 Tips To Manage Your Online Life

Apr-22 2022

The need to manage your online life is a relatively new concept and with the number of online accounts, passwords, and documents we store on our computers, it can be difficult to manage all this information.  Thankfully, the answer is simple.

4 Tips To Manage Your Online Life

By organizing your online accounts in one convenient location like GoodTrust, you can easily find and manage all this information so that your loved ones can access that which you grant them access to. Now, you might be planning on sticking around for a while (I hope you do!) and this feels like it doesn't apply to you, but the world seems to throw unexpected curveballs all the time. One can never be too prepared.

Here are 4 tips for organizing your online life:

1. Write your Will

This is the most important step to make sure all your things get into the right hands, including digital assets. With GoodTrust, in the time it takes to catch up on the news, you can ensure your children are taken care of, your life's assets are shared with loved ones, and your precise wishes are carried out. Create your will now.

2. Secure your Online Accounts

Having your information all in one place, such as a Digital Vault, makes it simple and convenient. Think of your Digital Vault as the ultimate place to store and share your digital life. This can include priceless content like photos and videos, account credentials, and important documents and files. You decide who has access to it and when.

3. Make Decisions

It can feel scary to think that all your information is out there for anyone to see, but that is exactly what happens if you don't make decisions about what you'd like to happen to your digital assets. Our Digital Vault allows you to outline how your accounts should be managed now, or after you have passed away. Examples might be closing down your Amazon Prime account or to memorialize your social media accounts when you're no longer using it them.

4. Share with a Trusted Contact

No one knows as much about your online life as you do. Choose someone you trust and let them know where you've organized your assets, and how to access them, so they can easily be found when necessary. We refer to this as a trusted contact, and we recommend you let this person know what information they are responsible for.

Leaving the destiny of your online life up to chance puts you at risk for things like fraud, identity theft and can leave your family feeling stressed when making decisions on your behalf. Each of the four tips outlined above can easily be accomplished in your GoodTrust account. GoodTrust offers a simple, easy-to-use, and inexpensive way for you to write your will, secure your online accounts, document your final wishes and share this information with the most important people in your life. Start today by clicking here.