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WIRED: Upon My Death, Play the Following Messages

Nov-03 2020

GoodTrust - your trusted digital legacy advisor. Learn more about GoodTrust here. This article is provided by Wired.

"A series of meticulously curated Spotify playlists is just as valuable as a beloved record collection; seeing the last Google search someone made is every bit as intimate as the unwashed mug left on the table, the last thing to have touched their lips. Custody of these digital spaces, then, is every bit as important as managing inheritance in the physical realm."

Arielle Pardes, Senior Writer for Wired provides an in depth analysis of the future of digital legacy and death planning and the up and coming startups driving this change, GoodTrust included. The memories we make and the legacy we leave when we pass are no longer out of our hands. By leveraging technology and digital services we can take control of our afterlife and leave more meaningful gifts like video recorded messages and digital family photos, that we never could before.

Check out the full Wired article here.

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