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Nov-22 2021

It's that time of the year again - the holidays are just around the corner, and soon you might rush to stores for gifts (or worry about the dreaded supply-chain issues). Gifts also take creativity and time: you want to ensure your gift is special and shows the person you care. So here is the thousand-dollar question: What are the best gifts for grandparents, parents, family and friends? Well, we decided to make it easier for you with the perfect digital gift from GoodTrust - thanks to a special holiday offer that's essentially 2-for-1.

When you buy a Premium or Lifetime Plan (click HERE to start a 7-day free trial), we'll send you a special code for an additional Premium or Lifetime account that you can share with anyone you wish. It's that easy and allows you to both take care of your own digital life and legacy but also help someone else.

Give the gift of digital legacy

There are many options that you can pick from, but rarely one as powerful as the gift of future security. When you think about digital or intangible gifts, you might picture gift cards or virtual well wishes. They have value, but if you truly want to show your loved ones how much you care about them, one thing you can do is make sure their wishes are fulfilled. So here are some ideas for digital gifts for your loved ones. In fact, with our holiday offer, it's really a combination of gifts for that special someone.

Bring a photo to life

If you want to emotionally surprise your grandparents or parents, you can look for old pictures of their family members or loved ones. GoodTrust offers an AI wizard that allows you to animate a photo from an old or new picture. The animation brings the photo to life, and transforms a picture into a video. You can choose between a fun or nostalgic animation, depending on the person and the emotion you want to create. It only takes a couple of seconds to transform your picture ready for you to download - and give to your loved one as a gift. 

Create your will

Roughly 65% of Americans do not have a will. Your parents or grandparents are also likely to not have a will. Having a will protects your family and friends from heartache down the road; a beloved family member passes away and no one knows about their last wishes and thoughts. Their goodbye messages and instructions for family and friends will be forever unheard. Here at GoodTrust, we made it easy for everyone to create their will with minimum effort and time.

Add a Trusted Contact

By giving the gift of GoodTrust, you can ensure your loved ones assets are saved and will not get lost in any way. GoodTrust allows the user to appoint a Trusted Contact that can take care of your assets and accounts in the event of death. The owner of the account can decide who has access to which documents and when they will gain access.

Adding a Trusted Contact to your accounts will not only give you security, but also a peace of mind that you can not find otherwise. The person who sets up their account will be able to upload any documents they like and even use it as a daily utility to share information like wi-fi codes, vaccine cards, family recipes and more.

Send a Future Message to your loved ones

Another way to send a digital gift to your grandparents or parents is by sending them a message in the future. Think back to the time you and your friends buried a time capsule back in the days. Maybe you dug it up a few years later, or maybe you completely forgot about the whereabouts of that capsule.

No matter when someone opens it, it's always about surprise and delight. Now imagine sending a digital time capsule. You can set the exact date when someone will receive it like a birthday or anniversary or simply out of the blue. With GoodTrust's Future Messages, you can even record a video of yourself or send a heartfelt letter to the future. When gifting a GoodTrust account to someone else, you also give them the opportunity to record one themselves. We've also created some new templates with different themes to make even easier to get started and hit send.

Help your family fulfill their wishes

With our 2-for-1 limited offer you can experience the gift of giving and ensure your own life and legacy is protected - both offline and online. It's easy to get started and only take a few minutes to gain that peace of mind.

Ensure your family's wishes are heard and fulfilled by gifting them a GoodTrust account today. Click here to get started with our holiday offer.

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