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GoodTrust Launch: New Tools To Control Your Digital Legacy

Nov-11 2020

This article is provided by GoodTrust - your trusted digital legacy advisor. Learn more about GoodTrust here.

A Will for your digital assets: GoodTrust launches new tools to control your digital legacy before you pass away

GoodTrust is expanding its services from managing the assets of loved ones after death to offering people the opportunity to plan ahead and take control of their own digital afterlife. Anyone can now transfer their digital assets (photos/videos, social media, emails, online banking, sites/passwords, documents and more) to the right person in the event they pass away.

People don’t know what will happen to their stuff when they die

In a 2020 survey, 90% of U.S. adults responded that they do not know what happens to their digital assets (emails, photos, social media, online banking, sites/passwords) when they pass away and 84% would use a secure online service to transition those assets when they die. With more than 150,000 people dying globally every day, the number of deceased people on the Internet is tragically growing fast. As a result, countless families around the world struggle with how to manage their loved one's digital legacy.

Introducing the GoodTrust Plans

The new GoodTrust Plans prevent people’s online accounts and documents from remaining unknown to family members when they pass away. The GoodTrust Plans are available in Free, Premium and VIP tiers. The Free option is a must-have service for everyone’s digital legacy to cover basic options like memorialization. With the Premium tier, users receive an unlimited number of accounts and more document storage, access to “last goodbyes” and tools to write a traditional will and medical and funeral directives. The VIP tier adds personal access to GoodTrust experts who can manage select accounts when you pass away (e.g. dating accounts you do not want anyone to see). 

“Managing what happens to your digital stuff in the afterlife is as important as deciding what happens to your physical assets when you die,” says Rikard Steiber, CEO and Founder of GoodTrust. “Our goal with GoodTrust is to give people peace of mind throughout a difficult and overwhelming process.”

Getting started is easy: 

Take Control: Add important digital accounts and documents - social media, email, online documents, photos, financial accounts, life insurance, will etc. For each account or document, you provide instructions for what you want to happen to if you pass away. The choices are yours.

Trusted Assistants. Assign “deputies” - friends, family or people you trust to manage your accounts and take action on your behalf. These individuals are granted selective access to your accounts and documents along with the instructions you leave for them. 

Holistic Solution. If you do not already have important documents like a Last Will and Testament, Medical Directive and Funeral Directive then you can easily create and store them on GoodTrust at no cost.

GoodTrust keeps your data secure and uses two-factor authentication security. That is our utmost priority.

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