End-of-Life Planning: Ultimate Guide


NEW: Ultimate Guide For Anyone To Complete End-Of-Life Planning

Oct-25 2021

GoodTrust has now launched its free End-of-Life Planning: Ultimate Guide that allows anyone to take the critical steps necessary with everything from creating a will to writing an obituary to planning a celebration of life.

This invaluable resource will provide anyone the peace of mind needed to protect the wishes of themselves and their family. It’s one of the first guides to also offer steps for protecting anyone’s digital legacy, which includes online assets and memories.

The guide incorporates hundreds of hours of original research and contributions from numerous experts.

5 Straightforward Sections

It is designed to easily walk people through 5 primary sections:

  1. Get Your Affairs In Order (create a free will, advance healthcare directives, power of attorney and more)

  2. Protect Your Digital Legacy (preserve family history, stories and memories)

  3. Memorialize And Delete Social Media Accounts (ensure priceless content can be retrieved and accounts handled according to someone’s wishes)

  4. Close Online Accounts, Banking Accounts, And Cancel Subscriptions (take care of financial services, mail, digital subscriptions and more)

  5. End-Of-Life Planning For A Loved One (For Someone Who Has Passed Away)

“Whether someone is planning ahead or in the midst of coping with grief, we want to meet people where they are in their journey to learn more,” said Rikard Steiber, CEO and Founder of GoodTrust. “We designed this guide to be comprehensive in nature but we’ll also enhance with additional content over time.”

Chapters in the guide include how to preplan a funeral, legal guardianship of children and pets, choosing power of attorney, and suggestions for creating digital memorials among many others.

The guide is available now at mygoodtrust.com/end-of-life-guide for mobile or desktop.

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