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Celebrating Grandparents Day With Special Offer

Sep-09 2021
Share and use GoodTrust promo code GRANDPARENTSDAY for a limited time to receive free 3-month trial of Premium Plan through Sept. 12
Compose a Future Message for the Grandparents in your life that celebrates your memories with them
Create a will in less than 15 minutes with easy-to-use online will tool - even on a mobile device 

There are roughly 80 million grandparents in the U.S. and GoodTrust is celebrating each and every one of them with a special offer to receive our Premium Plan free for 3 months. For a limited time, just use promo code GRANDPARENTSDAY after selecting the Premium Plan under Pricing. Users can then explore all that GoodTrust has to offer with a digital vault (secure your online content and accounts), preserving legacy (create animated photo memories and Future Messages), and estate planning (create a free will in less than 15 minutes).

We all know a grandparent in our lives who has devoted their time to share wisdom, love, and support. This offer is a great way to encourage them to preserve their digital life and wishes or it can be redeemed by a grandparent on their own behalf.

Another way to acknowledge any grandparent’s contributions is with a Future Message, which can be a unique and timeless gift. Just go to and create one - think of it as a digital time capsule. You can schedule it to be delivered on Grandparents Day (Sept. 12, 2021) or on a date of your choosing (e.g. their birthday or anniversary). It’s easy for them to receive - like receiving an email - and can be customized with video, images, and text. Your sentiments can be fully expressed in a creative and compelling way. 

With the GoodTrust Premium Plan, it’s an unlimited opportunity to discover everything GoodTrust has to offer. Whether it’s a digital vault that ensures no priceless content is ever lost (e.g. photos, emails, videos, social media, financial accounts) or taking advantage of all the estate planning resources and articles - including the ability to create a free will in less than 15 minutes. It’s all in one place.

GoodTrust has partnered with several organizations in service of generating awareness about the importance of end-of-life planning including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs who receive GoodTrust for free. Partners who want to offer GoodTrust to their customers and members should contact the company here.

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