Olga Piehler


Expanding the team: GoodTrust hires Olga Piehler

Jul-13 2022

We’re excited to announce that Olga Piehler has joined GoodTrust as Head of Customer Success. Piehler has spent the last two decades as a senior executive in the end-of-life planning and funeral space at Service Corporation International (SCI) and their MeM Division. 

Her roles have focussed primarily in facilitating change and supporting adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for the personalization of services, ensuring a loved one's memory is preserved and shared in a meaningful manner.

Most recently, Piehler was the Director of the Funeral Division at Eterneva, a consumer-technology company and grief-wellness brand that celebrates remarkable lives by providing a unique, healing, and transformational customer journey as a loved one's cremated remains are made into a diamond.

"I have dedicated my career to help families preserve, archive, and share their memories for future generations and worked hand in hand with the amazing teams in the front lines providing support and training. I truly believe in GoodTrust's mission of protecting what matters and ensuring that our Digital Legacy (which is the footprint of our everyday lives in today's world) is kept safe and eventually passed on to those who are most important to us. I look forward to supporting our partners and their frontline teams as they can continue to protect the families they serve through new, innovative and relevant services like GoodTrust."

- Olga Piehler, GoodTrust Head of Customer Success

"Olga comes to GoodTrust with extensive experience in the implementation and integration of technology in the deathcare space. After all of these years working indirectly with Olga at SCI and watching her deliver excellence at every organization she has supported, I knew she would elevate our team's ability to execute and integrate with new partners. She will be instrumental in our path to success."

- Andy Lopez, GoodTrust VP of Business Development

Also here is an update from GoodTrust as we recently launched a series of new services related to digital protection, estate planning, and digital legacy.